Rel=Canonical: Big Mistakes with a Little Tag

  In 2009, Google announced it would be supporting the rel=canonical tag. It’s a simple bit of markup with a simple enough function, but it’s still a tad confusing at times; especially when it comes to the flow of link equity. What is a canonical tag? Rel=canonical is a quick and easy way of informing […]

Soft 404s and How to Fix Them

  A soft 404 is one of those little niggling things which appears to make technical SEO that little bit more fiddly now and again. They can be a real issue, as they make crawling your site for 404s much more difficult, and can serve as a bottleneck for link equity. Soft 404s, often known […]

Search Engines and User Behaviour

It’s very clear that search engines are used a great deal – Google, at present, holds the highest (by a long shot) percentage of search engine uses by consumers. The fact that “Googling it” has become somewhat of a verb in our vocabulary is testament to that. But what is it that people use Google […]

Making Your Site Crawlable

Because it’s so important that search engines can read your content, it’s key to know what a search engine can and can’t do. There’s not much point building something awesome in the hope of getting organic visits if it can’t physically be ranked. At the moment, there’s still a good number of things which search […]