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Sarah ChalkMy name is Sarah, I’m a search specialist at a leading digital agency in London. I just moved here after spending 20 months doing SEO in Leeds.

I’ve always been interested in the internet and the power behind it, and am very keen on techincal SEO. The kind of stuff most people find boring, I think is fascinating! I also get pretty excited about pivot tables.

I’m still relatively new to the world of SEO (only two years!) and I do make mistakes sometimes. If you think there’s something I’ve got wrong, let me know! Tweet me @SEO_kitty, I will always reply :D

A sample of my writing:


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How CGI Has Changed the Face of Animation - (Vue Cinemas)

Aeroshot Review - (www.suavelifestyles.com)

Samsung Galaxy Note Review - (www.whimsysaur.com)

Which 7th Gen Gaming Console? - (www.techupdate.org.uk)


8 Gifts for Gadget Lovers - (www.suavelifestyles.com)

8 of the Most Terrifying Free Video Games – (www.thegamerschallenge.com)

6 TV Stars and the Films you Didn’t Know They Were In – (Vue Cinemas)

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