What About the Hummingbird Algorithm?

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Whenever a new algorithm appears, SEOs across the country panic. Usually, there’s pretty good reason to. For the new Hummingbird algorithm, should we be panicking?SEO

Well…probably not…yet, anyway. The Hummingbird algorithm is a search algorithm, which allows Google to return better answers and more relevant pages to a user. As long as your site is good and not spammy (and I know it isn’t) there shouldn’t be anything for you to worry about.

The times are a-changing

Remember the PageRank algorithm? Well that’s still on the go. It’s one of the aspects of the new Hummingbird algorithm – an aspect which helps the new algorithm return quick and relevant results.

Hummingbird was enforced more than a month ago, but was only announced the other day. I haven’t noticed any differences in the ranking of sites since about a month ago…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that’s how it’s going to stay.

Why the change?

It’s all about keeping up with the times. It’s becoming more and more popular to use speaking searches to browse Google, by use of mobile devices. I’m not lucky enough to own one, and frankly would feel like a buffoon asking my phone questions, but obviously spoken search is now important enough for Google to take some action.

For example, if you wanted to find out a little bit about where you can buy a ferret near you, you’d probably type into Google:

Buy ferret Leeds

But if you were to conduct a spoken search, you’d probably say:

Where can I buy a ferret near here?

SEOIf you’ve shared your location with Google, that spoken search can show you the nearest Pets at Home, and whether that physical store actually stocks our favourite fluffy ‘tails with legs’, as my brother calls them.

The Hummingbird search algorithm is set to make search queries result in more accurate results – so if you’ve experienced a major traffic shift in the last month, it’s more likely to be down to other aspects of the current Google algorithm.


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