The Best Adventure Time Characters

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This post isn’t about SEO. It’s about a cartoon. But it’s Christmas, so whatever.

Have you not seen Adventure Time yet? You should. It’s awesome.

I first learned about it a good couple of years ago, when my brother went on and on about it. For context, he’s a year younger than me. At the time though, I was more interested in the next My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode (another epic show which you should also check out, even if you think you’re too macho for ponies).

I was reintroduced to it properly a couple of months ago, and I can’t stop watching it. Aside from being adorable, it actually deals with loads of adult issues that kids could really learn from.


Lumpy Space Princess

In appearance, she’s a pink cloud with a bit of an attitude problem and – for whatever reason – a male voice (as voiced by the show’s creator, Pendleton Ward). But deeper down, she’s a hurt woman who can’t find her place, thanks to her difficult parnets and the loss of her true love, Brad.

Not many episodes I’ve seen are about her royal heratigage, rather either her struggle as an outcast of her own kingdom and trying desperately to get over her ex. We can all certainly relate to the latter.



I have no idea if this character is meant to be male or female; it seems to be confused. Sometimes its refered to as male, other times female; given that it’s apparently a modified version of a Gameboy, its probably neither. The character has both an ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend.

In any case, this character is adorable. Voiced by the same Korean actress Niki Yang who voices one of the main character’s girlfriend/wife (Lady Rainicorn, girlfriend of Jake the Dog), I can’t get over how cute this one is.


Tree Trunks

My favourite character in the whole show, and I’ll tell you why.

This has to be one of the most sexualised characters in the whole show. She’s fiesty, confident, kind, and a small green elephant.

That’s not the only reason I’m in love with this character. She’s voiced by a mature lady. A very mature lady. In fact, this character is voiced by Polly Lou Livingston, a family friend of Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. On a show which is, amongst other things, focused on romantic realtionships, she’s the most sexy. It’s a bit weird for a kids’ show, but also pretty awesome.

With a soothing southern American lilt, the character is one of the few on the show comfortable with her sexuality. She most often comes out with such gems as ‘I’m the sexiest adventurer’.

I do sometimes worry that I’m getting too old for most things. Finding out who voiced this character brought it down to earth for me. There’s very limited information about her on the internet, but it’s clear that the voice actor Polly is fabulous, glamourous and doesn’t let her age get in the way of much. It’s pretty humbling.

For future reference, if the son/daughter of one of my friends wants me to voice a character in their cartoon show when I’m 70+, I’m there.


‘”I grew old but I never grew up. That’s a weird combination to live with, I can tell you.”
- Polly Lou Livingston


Written by Sarah Chalk

Sarah Chalk

Sarah is an SEO Account Manager at 360i and has a keen interest in all things SEO. She has also written for a number of sites, including Vue cinema’s film blog and a number of tech websites.

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