Blog: Comment Spam Edition

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So I finally got round to sorting out Askimet on my website. It certainly took long enough. I just got lazy and couldn’t be bothered to reset the password every time I got distracted. Plus I did feel very, very mean not paying for it.

But going through the last of my spam comments has made me almost wish I didn’t set it up. Almost.

Come on now. Some of these are amazing. The fact that there are, even now, comment spam bots out there building links boggles my mind. I’m sure it does still give the target site the odd link, but I’ve done enough disavows and reconsideration requests now to say that they’re really not worth it. No matter how ‘legit’ your content spinner has made them.

So for old time’s sake, here’s some that I just deleted.

comment spam 1

What is it with Babyliss right now? So many spam comments. I checked their site, and its legit. It’s just a load of third-party sellers going mental with the SEO, and quite badly.

Also, if nobody is speaking of it, doesn’t that tell you something?

comment spam 2

And whatever your amazing Babyliss technique is, I don’t want you to implement it on me while I’m asleep. Comment spam just reached a new level of creepy.

comment spam 3

Oh so THAT’S why I’m single. And there was me thinking it was because I paid more attention to my cat than to my boyfriend.


comment spam 4

I also feel that schooling would help me with itunes. I tend to flap at the screen every time I try to use it.

comment spam 5

SeoOptimisedRankings are mental. Even Matt Cutts gets these kind of comments/emails from time to time. I guess their robots are set to pretty much any blog going. Their website doesn’t appear to be live anymore (although it does redirect to some mental stocks and shares site) so I guess someone just forgot to turn a robot off.

comment spam 6

I agree. There’s no option to order pizza at the click of a button or some kind of desktop hyperlink to videos of sloths on an Apple iPad. However, since you posted this comment on my post about canonicals, I doubt the verisimilitude of your comment, sir.

comment spam 7

Why y no add exact match anchor link to HEWLETT PACKARD P4000 VSA software? Isn’t that the point of this comment? *cries in corner*

comment spam 8

Valid point. I haven’t checked this site on the IE browser. I probably should, once I work out how to use media queries properly. I must check out your site to see how it’s done. BUT WAIT – could you possibly be a spammer?!!!1111!!!?

(Yeah I checked out the site. Spam gold. Also Tiffany knock-offs. What’s not to love?)


Written by Sarah Chalk

Sarah Chalk

Sarah is an SEO Account Manager at 360i and has a keen interest in all things SEO. She has also written for a number of sites, including Vue cinema’s film blog and a number of tech websites.

2 thoughts on “Blog: Comment Spam Edition

    • It’s annoying isn’t it. So few sites have followed links in comments any more anyway so I’m not sure what’s going on. Although I am pleased to hear my site is ranking for something other than its exact name.

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