How to Write a Google Reconsideration Request

  Your client built some bad links. They may have seemed a good thing to do at the time (about 5 years ago), but now Google has upped the game on spammy backlink profiles. So those links have given your client a penalty. Google is constantly getting wiser regarding black hat tactics, and it’s not […]

Delete Thousands of Spam Comments Quickly

I do get plenty of spam comments on this site. Here’s a couple of my favorites so far:  Spam comments are becoming less and less viable in the world of blackhat SEO, since even the most basic WordPress site has a built-in filtering system to keep them away. Spam comments work under the assumption that […]

Why Your Site Looks Like Spam

We’re all familiar with link networks and spam sites. They’re sites which are specifically set up to make a bit of cash out of selling links. And as far as SEO for clients goes, they’re a BIG no-go. Anyone in the search industry has most likely done an initial link audit for a new client and near […]