Paying Attention to the Right Analytics

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Though it’s not that easy to use when you’ve not come across it before, it’s not difficult to get the basic information you need just from clicking around a little.cute cat

You can get Google Analytics on your site by registering your domain and simply pasting a code into the site template.

The important analytics

If you’re just starting out with your website, it’s best to start small. These are the aspects you’ll need to keep tabs on in order to get your website optimised as soon as possible.

Engagement – You can garner a rough idea of the kind of engagement you are getting on each respective page by these analytics – that is, the amount of time on average which users spend on each page, and their bounce rates.

A bounce rate refers to when a viewer of a page does not click through to other parts of a site after entering the website via that landing page. If you’ve got a high bounce rate on your landing pages, you’ll need to take a look and work out what it is that is scaring users away.cute cat

Popular pages – Take a look at which pages are the most popular, and which ones aren’t. It’s usually simple enough to work out why some are more popular than others – if your site contains a number of articles which have a variable popularity rate, you should be able to work out which works and which doesn’t.

Once you’ve narrowed down which content is most popular, you can start making more of the same.

Search terms – Organic search terms which drive traffic to the site will give you a good idea of the kind of things that you’re most likely to get views for. Using keywords properly on site and in meta-tags can take advantage of what customers are searching for.

The extra bits

When you’ve got everything else fine-tuned, these are the extra aspects to consider.

Access devices – this analytic will show you what your site is being accessed on. If you don’t have a mobile-ready site, you’ll probably experience a high level of bounce rates from those attempting to access your site on a mobile device.

Countries – It’s good to have a broad target audience, but at first it’s probably best to aim to a smaller, more local audience while your site metrics are improved.

If you’re after more views from a certain country, it’s worth looking at the kind of content receives hits from other countries and consider producing more of the same.

These are just some of the things you should be considering when compiling a site audit, and how you can get the most out of your site!


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Article Name
Paying Attention to the Right Analytics
If you've not got Google Analytics on your site, you’ll be missing out on a wealth of information which can tell you how to optimise your website.

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