Search Engines and User Behaviour

It’s very clear that search engines are used a great deal – Google, at present, holds the highest (by a long shot) percentage of search engine uses by consumers. The fact that “Googling it” has become somewhat of a verb in our vocabulary is testament to that. But what is it that people use Google […]

Create Great Content: Part 2

Click here for part 1. Step 4: Conceiving the Content This is probably one of the most time-consuming parts of the content creation process. A great deal of thought needs to go into it – and coming up with ideas isn’t the easiest thing is the world. So where can we get ideas from? Imitation […]

Create Great Content: Part One

In the following two blog posts, I’m going to write about creating EPIC content. Epic content, in my estimation, is content which gets shares and links without the need for paid acceleration. First off, it’s all very well creating content for the sake of creating links, but getting yourself bogged down in infographics made just […]

Do Colours Affect Online Purchases?

One of the most fascinating things about SEO has to be the psychology behind it – while optimising pages is mainly about the more technical side of things (to ensure optimal Google crawling, for example) the whole point of SEO is to drive conversions, really. Even if you’ve got a brief to improve brand image or increase social signals, they’re a means […]

The Best Internet Marketing Ploys

It’s every marketer’s dream to see their campaign go viral. Here’s my favourite internet marketing ploys so far. No, I didn’t have anything to do with any of these. Unfortunately.   Old Spice – The Man your Man Could Smell Like Let’s put aside the fact that this string of adverts happens to feature an […]

How Important is Content for SEO?

As a content writer myself, I’m more than aware how important content can be for SEO. Making up an integral part of a website and its outreach strategy, words can say alot not just about a brand but about enrichment of user experience. The Panda algorithm was enforced to ensure that good content would be […]