Do Colours Affect Online Purchases?

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One of the most fascinating things about SEO has to be the psychology behind it – while optimising pages is mainly about the more technical side of things (to ensure optimal Google crawling, for example) the whole point of SEO is to drive conversions, really.

Even if you’ve got a brief to improve brand image or increase social signals, they’re a means to an end. That goes for optimising meta data, improving UI and decreasing bounce rates.

It’s very clear that websites and webpages which look attractive are much more likely to drive conversions – but is there something in the colour scheme that’s worth thinking about?

Kissmetrics came up with this fascinating infographic which obviously I have to share. It’s pretty incredible how the human mind can be influenced by something as simple as colour – and admit it, your online purchase have been affected by whether a ‘SALE’ sign is red or green.

Don’t believe me? Try testing different versions of purchase pages on your ecommerce site with Visual Website Optimiser. In tests I’ve run, I’ve seen a remarkable increase in conversions just by changing the colour of a CTA to a more engaging shade.

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Written by Sarah Chalk

Sarah Chalk

Sarah is an SEO Account Manager at 360i and has a keen interest in all things SEO. She has also written for a number of sites, including Vue cinema’s film blog and a number of tech websites.

2 thoughts on “Do Colours Affect Online Purchases?

  1. Hello Sarah
    Nice post I didn’t know how color can influence us. I kept looking at the cats and wondered if it is a technique by you to make the website look more friendly :p

    I’m one minute away from reblogging this post in my website. But I’m also wondering is it ok if I shared the infographic in my Facebook/Twitter page? or are these two websites may also have those copyright legal issues ?

    Bye :)

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