Rel=Canonical: Big Mistakes with a Little Tag

  In 2009, Google announced it would be supporting the rel=canonical tag. It’s a simple bit of markup with a simple enough function, but it’s still a tad confusing at times; especially when it comes to the flow of link equity. What is a canonical tag? Rel=canonical is a quick and easy way of informing […]

What About the Hummingbird Algorithm?

Whenever a new algorithm appears, SEOs across the country panic. Usually, there’s pretty good reason to. For the new Hummingbird algorithm, should we be panicking? Well…probably not…yet, anyway. The Hummingbird algorithm is a search algorithm, which allows Google to return better answers and more relevant pages to a user. As long as your site is […]

On-Page SEO Checklist

In order to make every page on your site search engine-friendly, you’ll need to attack on-page and off-page factors. In this article, I’ll talk about the on-page SEO that needs thinking about. First off, there ought to be one or two target phrases or keywords which you have in mind for each page on your […]