Making Your Site Crawlable

Because it’s so important that search engines can read your content, it’s key to know what a search engine can and can’t do. There’s not much point building something awesome in the hope of getting organic visits if it can’t physically be ranked. At the moment, there’s still a good number of things which search […]

Create Great Content: Part 2

Click here for part 1. Step 4: Conceiving the Content This is probably one of the most time-consuming parts of the content creation process. A great deal of thought needs to go into it – and coming up with ideas isn’t the easiest thing is the world. So where can we get ideas from? Imitation […]

Do Colours Affect Online Purchases?

One of the most fascinating things about SEO has to be the psychology behind it – while optimising pages is mainly about the more technical side of things (to ensure optimal Google crawling, for example) the whole point of SEO is to drive conversions, really. Even if you’ve got a brief to improve brand image or increase social signals, they’re a means […]

How Important is Content for SEO?

As a content writer myself, I’m more than aware how important content can be for SEO. Making up an integral part of a website and its outreach strategy, words can say alot not just about a brand but about enrichment of user experience. The Panda algorithm was enforced to ensure that good content would be […]

The Visual Elements in Content Audit

 That’s not to say that strategists and SEOs are particularly shallow – websites are a lot about the visual elements. If a visitor of your site doesn’t like the look of things on show, they’re not going to come back. High bounce rates are often due to the poor layout and unappealing look of a […]