Off-Page SEO Checklist

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Off-page SEO encompasses everything that you do to improve your search rankings outside of your website – mainly, it’s about building good backlinks. And when you’re building backlinks, you need to be assured of quality of your links rather than the quantity of them. Google doesn’t like bad links.


So what do you need to do to improve your off-page rankings?

  • Guest posting – To get good backlinks and to improve brand exposure, get some guest posts written. You’ll get traffic and get some lovely link juice out of it.

If you do get some guest posts written, try to get them on some high profile sites.

  • Have a good social profile – Create some social networking profiles, to increase interactivity and visits to your site.
  • Press releases – If you’ve got a brand that you want to get out there, get a press release on PR Web or
  • Keep an eye on the Joneses – Check out what your competitors are up to. If there’s anything you can emulate, give it a go.
  • Harness the power of virality – It’s every marketer’s dream for their campaign to go viral. Cats are a sure-fire viral campaign; but if there’s something you can get on Reddit that people might go crazy for, go for it.
  • SEOContent marketing – if you’ve got good content, get it out there. Create something interactive and get it on a high-profile site. You might have to pay for the advertising – but good content marketing is often the key to good off-page SEO.
  • Anchor text – you need to rank for the right terms, so make sure your anchor texts in external links are relevant.



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