How Important are Trust Factors for SEO?

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If you’ve got an ecommerce website, you’re not going to do that well in terms of sales if you can’t’ prove that you’re a reputable seller. Customers are increasingly nervous bout buying online – not least because of the potential security issues – and if your website doesn’t have the necessary trust factors, you won’t be able to make the most of your selling.keyboard kitty

A strong brand identity is needed to prove trustworthiness, and to attain this you’ll need a good mixture of styling, design, logos, and consistent spelling, grammar and fonts used throughout the site. Think about it; no one’s going to feel secure buying from a website that can’t use apostrophes correctly.

So what exactly do you need on your site to prove your trustworthiness?

The Basics of Trust Factors

A good design is essential. It doesn’t have to be particularity complicated, just as long as it isn’t a mess. You won’t get many sales if your site looks slapdash.

The second thing you’ll need is some credentials. It’s all very well offering a good product, but if you don’t have any industry accreditation and membership, that will play against you. Most retailers go for a Verisign symbol, since this ensures payment protection.

Keep contact details clear and large not just on your home page, but on other pages of your site. On category and sub-category pages, they don’t need to be prominent – just in the footer is fine. As long as customers always have somewhere to look for your contact details, you’ve got something else that adds to a good site layout.

An important but often overlooked point is good spelling and grammar. Your customers won’t notice it if you have good English on your site, but if it’s bad, that will knock your impression of quality. English grammar and spelling is something that is only noticed when it’s bad – and that’s not what you need.

Be careful not to spam content on your site for the sake of it – if just a few words will suffice, just use a few words. Don’t try to throw as many words on the screen as possible just for the sake of filling space. It doesn’t read well, and comes across as unprofessional.

The Extras

If you’ve got past customers or are an established business, why not use your good reviews to your advantage? Show potential customers that you offer a good service, and others have enjoyed your products, by providing testimonials.

If you have a simple WordPress site, a simple carousel plugin is adequate for this. But it looks better if it appears that you have chosen the testimonials at random. If you wish to use pictures for the testimonials, make sure they are of real people. They look fake if you use stock photos.

And finally, harness the power of social media by getting a Twitter account – or, if you sell particularly pretty products, you could get on Pinterest. If what you sell is good, people will want to talk about it. Engage with your customers with social media platforms, and you’ll be surprised how many sales you can make out of it.

Learn about keywords and meta-tags in another post soon!


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Article Name
How Important Are Trust Factors for SEO?
Just how important are trust factors when it comes to SEO?

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